Pope Benedict XIV

Among the families belonging to the Society of Lombardi many became, over time, prominent figures. In particular Pope Benedict XIV (Prospero Lambertini, former archbishop of Bologna) who, selected as Massaro of the Company in 1753, had restored at his expense the historic seat of the Society. Moreover, eight cardinals and three bishops, of course all Bolognese, the eighteenth-century poet Pier Jacopo Martelli, connoisseurs of local historical studies Pompeo Scipione Dolfi, Baldassarre Carrati, Ludovico Savioli, as well as Antonio Aldini, minister of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy. Many senatorial families of Bologna were then aggregated between the 18th and19th centuries. As the presence of the oldest families diminished the presence of new families represented the emerging importance of Bologna in the arts and sciences as well as in politics and the religious world.