"The ancient and noble military Company of Lombardi (a.d. 1170) arose when many lombardi refugees took refuge in Bologna because of the homelands war ruins".


assedioSince 1170 the city of Bologna holds a priceless historical treasure handed down with pride and participation by some families of the city. Here's some history about the origins of the oldest army company raised in middle ages and the one and only that exists even today. [continue reading ...]



Behind the Basilica of Santo Stefano in Bologna, there is a building intimately linked to the complex of the sacred buildings. The house of via Santa 1, also accessible from the "Pilate's courtyard" located in the structure of the Basilica hosts the historic house of  the Compagnia dei Lombardi. [continue reading ...]


famiglieSince more than eight centuries the Compagnia dei Lombardi lives on, thanks to the bolognese families, some of them belonging to the ancient nobility, which preserve the memory passing it down from father to son. Among them were several famous personalities. [continue reading ...]


cortilepilatoTo discover the long history of the Compagnia dei Lombardi, learn about the lives of his illustrious representatives and visit the headquarters, interesting events that retrace centuries of the social fabric of this territory, are organized periodically. [continue reading ...]


multimediaPaintings and memorabilia tell a centuries-old tradition that continues to engage and fascinate the Bologna people and beyond. The story of the Compagnia dei Lombardi inevitably passes through the places where this society is located. [continue reading ...]


archivio1Thanks to the historical archive of the Compagnia dei Lombardi, you can discover the Statute on which it is based, the minutes of meetings of the corporal, historical anecdotes and stories of everyday life that flow through more than 800 years of history. [continue reading ...]